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Re-enactment Battles

As a re-enactment group, Falchion also takes part in many events alongside other re-enactment groups, to portray battles from the 14th and 15th centuries. Such events include the well-known and very popular Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, and Caldicot Castle as well as many other events around the country, such as Sherwood Forest and Tatton Park. We have always had good reports from our fellow re-enactors, as to the quality and safety of the fights we are able to give them. After all, most re-enactors enjoy combat, and most prefer a combat in which two opponents can go at each other with vigour without having to worry about whether the other person can fight in an impressive manner, without causing injury. To this end, we attend Knights School, to further improve our safety and stamina, and to gain experience against other groups.

Team Falchion is proud of our reputation as being good, honourable, safe fighters, no matter who we fight.

Re-enactment battle.  Photo © Silke Neugaertner